Вітаємо друзі

Ми — новий український бренд дитячої косметики MiniMi. Створені, щоб дарувати радість та доглядати за шкірою.

    Delivery and payment:

    MiniMi takes care of each of you by offering different payment options when ordering and upon receipt. Thanks to this variety, you can be sure of the safety of online shopping. Choose a convenient payment method and save your time!

    1. Cashless payment at checkout

    Visa, MasterCard, and Monobank cardholders can pay in full for their order at the time of ordering. This payment option will save time when receiving the parcel. When you meet with the managers of the pickup point or post office, you just need to pick up the order, having previously provided a document confirming the identity of the recipient.

    2. Payment in cash at the pickup point

    There is a pickup point in Dnipro. When placing an order, you need to specify the delivery option by choosing one of the proposed pickup points.

    3. Payment in cash upon receipt at post offices and parcel delivery points

    When you receive a parcel at a Nova Poshta branch, you can pay only in cash. Thus, you pay only the amount of the order without hidden fees, commissions, and services of transportation companies. 


    Our pickup point in Dnipro, 11 Shevchenko St.

    Nova Poshta (Pickup, Post Office)

    Delivery to a Nova Poshta branch (post office) within 1-3 days.

    Nova Poshta international

    Nova Poshta international shipment (1-2 weeks)