Exchange and return:

Did you accidentally add or mix up an item when ordering? When checking the parcel, did you see any damage to the goods? Sometimes misunderstandings happen. Tell us about the problem and we will help you solve it quickly.

  1. If upon receipt of the parcel your product does not match the order, the courier or manager at the delivery point will take it back at your request and refund the payment. At the point of delivery of parcels of partner postal services, it is also possible to return, but not individual items, but the entire parcel.
  2. If the problem is discovered later, briefly describe the situation, attach a photo or video of the item you purchased from us and would like to return. You should send an email from the address used to place the order to the following email address:

If the packaged goods have not been opened and the integrity of the package has not been compromised, you can return the product within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Unfortunately, even the most famous brands are not immune to manufacturing defects. If you find a defective product, please tell us. Our manager will offer possible solutions, and in case of exchange or return of the goods, he will organize a courier visit or tell you how to send us a parcel.

Please be sure to keep the packaging with the barcode of the product, when contacting us, we will ask you to provide the product or products included in the set (without damage during unpacking and use), all components and packaging of the product with the manufacturer’s barcode, as well as a document confirming the purchase of the product from us.

Approximately within 14 days (but no more than 30 days) after receiving the parcel, we examine the returned items and make a decision on the refund to the specified account. If you did not use a card for payment, we will need to clarify the card number for the refund, TIN and full name of the cardholder to make a refund. Additionally, you will receive an email notification about the status of the refund.

The only request is that you do not return to us goods purchased in another store, products that you have used, or products without a reasoned reason for exchange or return. In all other situations, we will do our best to help you make an exchange or return quickly and easily.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: +38 (067) 519-81-19

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