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Ми — новий український бренд дитячої косметики MiniMi. Створені, щоб дарувати радість та доглядати за шкірою.

    Valentine’s Bomb.


    The perfect Valentine’s gift from MiniMi is a cool heart bath bomb + the cutest surprises in one set!

    ✨ an animated kitty that will dance when the camera is pointed at a QR code;

    ✨ the most delicious marmalade on a stick.



    How to use:
    Fill the bathtub with warm water, immerse the bomb in the water and enjoy. The bomb bubbles up in the water, helps to relax and fills the bath with a wonderful aroma. After the procedure, rinse your body and bath to remove any residue.

    Storage method:
    Store at a temperature between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. At a relative humidity of not more than 75%. Avoid direct sunlight.

    Additional information


    Baking soda, citric acid, food coloring, maltodextrin, coconut oil, modified starch, raspberry flavor.



    Expiration date:

    12 months


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