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Ми — новий український бренд дитячої косметики MiniMi. Створені, щоб дарувати радість та доглядати за шкірою.

    Cosmetic bag white


    This cosmetic bag is a great accessory for storing cosmetics and other small items. It is made of a fabric that imitates lamb’s wool, giving it not only a stylish look, but also making it extremely pleasant to the touch. The soft texture of the material adds to the comfort of use. This charming cosmetic bag also has an inner lining that helps protect the contents from scratches and dirt, and makes it easier to clean the cosmetic bag if necessary. The cosmetic bag is large enough to easily accommodate your favorite beauty products and accessories.



    Rules for caring for a cosmetic bag:
    – The cosmetic bag can be machine washed in the delicate wash mode or hand washed at a water temperature of 30 degrees and a spin speed of no more than 400 rpm;
    – Do not use bleaches, powders containing chlorine, or conditioners;
    – The bag should be dried naturally (without an iron);
    – Avoid washing in hot water and spinning at high speeds, as this may cause loss of shape.

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