Вітаємо друзі

Ми — новий український бренд дитячої косметики MiniMi. Створені, щоб дарувати радість та доглядати за шкірою.

    Gift eco-bag


    The eco-bag is made of high quality spunbond.
    Features of the shopper bag:
    – strong seams;
    – thick fabric handle;
    – strong machine fastening of handles;
    – the bag can withstand up to 10 kg.



    Rules for caring for the bag:
    – Spandbond bags can be automatically washed in the mode delicate washing or hand wash at water temperature 30 degrees and spinning no more than 400 turns;
    – Do not use bleaches, powders containing chlorine, or conditioners;
    – The bag should be dried naturally (without an iron);
    – Avoid washing in hot water and spinning at high speeds, as this may cause loss of shape.

    Additional information


    360*390 mm, bottom 80 mm


    PP (spunbond)


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